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Best Hair Styling Tools Every Women Should Have (with 4 Special Tips)

Hair is said to be an essential part of human beauty. We do a lot of styling these days to make this hair look beautiful. Blow-dry, iron, rebonding, hair color- what we are not doing for hairstyling nowadays!

But think about it! Constant hits, colors, and chemical products make our hair look beautiful for a while due to their use, but it is making our hair dull and weak day by day.

Homemade Hair Styling

Hair contains keratin and hydrogen bonds. When we apply heat to the hair for styling, it breaks down the hair protein and hydrogen bonds and this is the main reason behind the loss of natural oil and protein in the hair. As a result of this, we get hair loss, split ends, and dryness. But that’s not to say we can’t afford styling tools.

Haircare and hairstyling are a must for any occasion, wedding, or a little new look. But with proper hair care, we can restore our hair to its original condition. Let’s see how you can make some useful hair packs at home!

4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Strong

  • Hot oil treatment
  • Hair Mask by Coconut oil and almond milk
  • Mayonnaise hair mask for hair styling
  • Banana and honey hair mask

Let’s dive into details.

1. Hot oil treatment


Everyone has coconut oil at home. Massaging the hair with hot oil is a very useful method to make the hair soft and smooth.

Parachute Advanced Enriched Coconut Hair Oil can be a very good option. It is a pure coconut oil which nourishes the hair and makes it strong and healthy.

Heat as much oil as you need for your hair. Now massage the whole hair with the tip of your finger. Leave it overnight and shampoo it the next day.

2. Hair Mask by Coconut oil and almond milk

For this pack, mix well with 3 tablespoons Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil, 3-4 tablespoons Almond Milk, one egg white.


Then apply it to the whole hair and leave it for 1-2 hours. Now wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice.

3. Mayonnaise hair mask for hair styling

Mayonnaise helps to keep hair shiny, smooth, and hydrated. In addition to food, we can make it a great hair mask.


In a bowl, take 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix it with a small amount of Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil. Then leave it on the whole hair for about 1 hour. Then remove the shampoo.

4. Banana and honey hair mask

This hair mask is a very useful mask for hair that has been damaged due to the use of heat styling tools. Banana helps to restore the smoothness and softness of the hair.


In a bowl, whisk together a banana, 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil. Leave it for about 1 hour. Then shampoo as always!

That’s it!

These are some very simple homemade hair masks that can bring your hair back to its previous state. Regular use will make the hair healthy again.

9 Best Hair Styling Tools You Should Have


Best Flat Iron: Revlon Salon Straight 1″ Flat Iron

The copper ceramic technology allows hair to be straightened without breaking while leaving behind a luminous shine.

Best Curling Wand: Conair Infiniti PRO Curling Wand

This budget-friendly tourmaline wand is the easiest tool for creating at-home beach waves.

Best for Curly Hair: Hot Tools 1106 3/8-inch Gold Curling Iron

This tiny curling iron from Hot Tools allows easy maintenance for even the tightest curls.

Best Straightening Brush: Drybar Heated Straightening Brush

A flat iron and paddle brush in one, this nifty tool creates shiny, silky straight hair in one swift movement.

Best Round Brush: GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

This blow-drying brush is great for longer hair, allowing for a smoother finish and faster drying time.

Best Paddle Brush: Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

This lightweight is super gentle, featuring extended bristles which are extra helpful for hair that’s prone to tangles.

Best Hot Air Brush: Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush

This thermal interchangeable brush allows you to blow dry and style your hair simultaneously.

Best Diffuser: DevaCurl DevaFuser

The hand-shaped attachment provides 360-degree airflow to surround curls and cut down on drying time.

Best Curling Iron: Andis 38300 Professional 450 F High Heat Ceramic Press Comb with Dual Voltage

This patented rotating curling iron is the perfect solution for anyone wanting gorgeous beach waves with a little assistance.

Happy with our tips and tools? Do let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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